Better Choices - and Productivity - for Business Development Using Practical Research

"What do you really do at Chadwick Consulting?" I'm sometimes asked.

Over time (almost twenty-one years as a marketing consultant to graphic communications organizations), I've reflected on that question. Ultimately, our work boils down to this: develop options, strategies, and solutions for improved performance that clients didn't know were available.

From that perspective, my observation is that most Sales Reps, Business Development Directors, and CEOs want better options for where and how to develop additional business. Market conditions for developing new business for both current and new accounts are tough. Expect them to get tougher. It's from that understanding that we work to provide revolutionary information resources and systems not previously recognized or used for improving the productivity and options for productivity of your business development teams. 

We've observed that customers generally are not interested in developing a new supplier relationship unless that supplier: (a) understands their business, and (b) has a strong sense of how to immediately contribute to the economic performance of the customer.

The educational programming we recently developed and delivered for PICA members focused on several segments that left us with interesting feedback evaluations from attendees (which included Sales Reps, Sales Managers, Business Development Directors, and CEOs). For example, one respected Business Development Director said it was the best program he'd ever attended, and then went on to ask if we would "kill the program so his competitors wouldn't learn how to access and use these resources."

Educational segments included: (a) new and powerful electronic resources for uncovering target customers and prospects - including significant information about those target customers and prospects, (b) new electronic resources for quickly finding published articles about target accounts and customer markets, (c) identifying and profiling different types and sources of target account information, and (d) in-depth group and individual discussion regarding opportunities for how and when to use information for better understanding of and developing current and new accounts.

Since that program last month, two additional organizations in the Carolinas have called and asked us to provide onsite training. The essence of the training is to reenergize the productivity of Sales Reps, CSRs, and their managers. 

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