Your Future Could --- or Could Not --- Include…..“Inside Sales Teams”

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on Thursday, July 6, 2017

By Sid Chadwick, Chadwick Consulting, Inc.

“I can’t wait to go back and begin contacting our ‘Neglected Customer List’ --- renewing neglected customer relationships, and developing orders from customers we used to serve….I’ll bet I can develop twenty -- before end of this year”……Talented, Motivated, and Experienced CSR, End of Day 4.


Inspired talent --- needs challenges, ongoing education and training, and opportunities….!

By almost any measure, last week’s 4-Day Sales Rep/Lead CSR Education & Training Program --- was a success.

With a range of talent and top to bottom responsibilities represented, more than one talented CSR…(and Sales Rep)….was inspired to go back --- and through “renewal of neglected customers” --- demonstrate and earn the opportunity --- to ask to be put on “Commission, with Base Pay”.

TargetAttendees were inspired --- on learning and experiencing --- Publicly Available Databases --- and previously unknown Websites --- for identifying “Target Prospects”, and “Useful Information” ---(that included e.g., publications, non-profits, and ambitious corporate headquarters) --- sometimes --- within just a few blocks --- or miles --- of their home plant.

Attendees were inspired --- on learning the importance of their company’s differentiation --- and that  “…All dollars coming to their company --- are not equal….” (Note: multiple examples --- of each attendee’s company’s “differentiation” --- were identified.)

Successful development of new business, and customers, requires more than a “Commission or Base Pay Plan”.

Business Development Professionals --- deserve to understand…and experience…. (preferably in writing):

  1. Who their company is most important to, and why (as well as who to avoid, and why). Note: Your top 10 Customers could buy cheaper elsewhere, if they had to --- sooo --- “…Why don’t they?..”
  2. What the company wants to look like --- in two to three years --- that’s different.
  3. What “Information Resources” are available --- and how --- to use them.
  4. What their company’s technical and production capabilities include, and why and how --- that can be invaluable --- to (which profile of ) target prospects, and finally…..
  5. Continuous opportunities --- to learn --- from other motivated, successful professionals.


Prosperity, in most cases, is waiting --- around the corner. However, “…if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get --- what you’ve always gotten….”

What’s required to tap into that river of prosperity, includes --- intelligent leadership --- understandings --- and near-relentless communications --- of how economic benefits --- can move to the “users” --- of your capabilities?

What does your website say, that distinguishes your organization --- that’s coordinated with your company literature --- that’s worth your target prospect’s time?

What does your coordinated “leave-behind promotional literature” say --- that distinguishes your organization, while presenting economic benefits --- to your prospect?

If you had to explain to God --- why your organization deserves to continue operating --- would your answer include --- “target customers” you serve --- and what they receive --- that’s valuable to them  --- that those customers can’t and don’t receive --- from anyone else…?

Is your supervisor committed to your success...or...bringing you along...slowly...Are you excited about your opportunities....or....being held back?....And....What your organization "celebrates" --- speaks volumes...!

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil --- is that good men --- do nothing”…… …….Edmund Burke