Do We Recognize “Leadership Talent”......Do We Know Its Value..…and….. ……When It’s Missing?

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on Thursday, August 17, 2017

By Sid Chadwick, Chadwick Consulting, Inc.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil…. is that good men do nothing……..”…………Edmund Burke


Think about….. if you will --- these several scenarios…………

1. Recently I heard a long-term V.P. of Sales say, discussing a rare --- bright, truly hard-working Sales Rep  --- under his supervision, “I’m bringing him along slowly --- there’s a lot he doesn’t know.” From this week’s phone call, that Sales Rep appears extremely frustrated --- on multiple issues….I don’t think his senior management is aware --- he’s close to leaving, which would be a real loss…………….


2. At this moment, I know three Business Development Leaders --- in our great industry --- who are relatively new to their current positions.

-----  One is president of his agency --- that he created --- that is expected to bill just under $10,000,000 --- this year --- the agency’s third year in business. After 20+ years at his previous commercial printing company as V.P. of Sales, he was required to resign --- after having offered to create that agency as part of the printing operation. (Note: That printing operation is reportedly NOT doing well; he has not been replaced.)

----- A V. P. of Sales to a well-known printer, was asked to resign, after barely two years. (Note: he was about the fourth person in that position at that company, in about a decade.) He is now Sr. V.P. of Sales at a near-by company --- he intends to resurrect --- and is making progress…quickly. His president, who didn’t have many attractive options --- is delighted. I’ve heard a few of his recent achievements, and a few of his plans: they are the type that attract --- and keep --- talented, valuable employees.

----- A relatively new V.P. of Sales, who’s talented --- and experienced --- found himself in the midst of mediocrity --- in much --- but not all of his new employer.  My advice: “Without a Performance Review or written Job Description from your President or CEO, which you’ve requested --- but not been given --- you must ‘lead by personal example’ --- of what you can make happen…nothing less can inspire the personnel around you --- and especially your Business Development department” …... ……I believe he ‘gets-it’.


I’m not sure how long we’ve been treating really talented personnel --- like “cord wood” --- easily replaceable….(No one said developing organizational unity and purpose --- was easy.)

LeadershipI’m not sure how long we’ve been taking short-cuts on basic management performance structures, like position descriptions, performance reviews, communications, education and training….and cross-training --- for increasing individual and organizational capacity and performance --- for customer development….and retention.

I’m not sure how long we’ve expected folks around us to, “Do what I say, not what I do”….partially illustrating that we can walk by something that’s not as it should be enough times --- to the point that we….no longer see it.

Talent..…..Discipline……Accountability……Leadership…… by example.!

That’s what the frontline wants…and recognizes…immediately….when they see it.

On reflection, associations have contributed to these cultural compromises ---- when they focused on “Relationship Gatherings” --- instead of, “What Really Develops Performance.”

“You can observe a lot just by watching.”……..Yogi Berra