How Do We Get Everyone…. On The Same Page….And Improving That Page…..?

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on Thursday, August 24, 2017

By Sid Chadwick, Chadwick Consulting, Inc.

“….these highly paid individuals themselves are leaders….. and ought to lead……”……Frustrated Company Owner


From a series of email exchanges, prompted from reading this column from American Printer every week, that frustrated owner appeared to feel “squeezed”….by what he perceived as, (a) highly paid employees, (b) cut-throat competitors’ prices, and (c) scarce, unpredictable profitability in his company.

I “felt his pain”…….However, I recognize the conditions, and I did offer a suggestion I believe is worth consideration.

I call it: “My Self-Funded Profit-Growth Program”. Its formula is based on a number of common conditions.

First, I’ve never seen an operation --- of any kind --- that didn’t have multiple opportunities to improve --- usually --- in every department.

TeamworkSecond, I want to enlist the thinking, motivations, and efforts --- of all employees, and not just a single department, or individual. That’s another way of saying….“when the company makes sustained progress, we all win”…..and few winning strategies can be sustained if everyone isn’t supportive.

Third, we should set performance and reward goals…for the organization --- that benefit every person, every department --- and the company, such that the program’s employee benefits --- are self-funded. Make the Program --- simple to follow and understand, frequent (e.g., paid quarterly, not annually), in writing, and equitable --- that is --- every employee participates in a similar manner, and not so that “the top brass get most of the cheese”.

dollar signJohn Ruggieri, founder of SunDance Marketing Solutions, Orlando, Florida - has the best program I’ve experienced. There are quarterly profit-sharing checks to employees --- that pay a meaningful percentage of year-to-date profits of: 1/10 - first quarter, 2/10 - second quarter, 3/10 third - quarter, and 4/10 --- fourth quarter.

Mr. Ruggieri is famous for investing personal time, every month, talking personally in a company meeting about the company’s performance the previous month, what needs to improve, what customers are saying, trends in customer markets, and what the company is hoping to accomplish --- going forward.

They have almost no employee attrition. Their HR files have qualified applications, waiting to be called and hired. And most importantly --- as the “organization” focuses obsessively on nurturing customers’ needs --- they’ve grown to just under $10,000,000 in revenue --- from “0” --- in just over ten years.


Your employees know much about what could be improved. They are almost always capable of “doing more”, and “doing better”. (Truthfully, almost all of us are.)

No one said creating organizational focus, and steadily improving performance would be easy… developing a structure and process that engages the thinking and efforts of everyone in your organization for company performance improvement --- can have, over time, a profound effect on what we are able to achieve.

When I look at a client’s progress, from month to month, I may see improvement, but not dramatic improvement…..Yet…. when I look at where we were a year ago, with a dynamic program being installed ---  that allows for discussions --- and trials --- and measurements --- and posting of results --- that engages the potential contributions of everyone here --- I can find myself startled --- by what’s being accomplished…..!.

“The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers, wider freeways, but narrower perspectives….we’ve done larger things, but not better things…..we plan more, but accomplish less…..”………George Carlin